50% subsidy from EU for vages of R&D staff? 4 years projects? Reality!

We would like inform you about possibility of obtaining strong support for yours R&D activity in area of development of new products and services. Call of programme Applications will be opened during the summer 2016, application will be one-round task, e.g. that after opening of call must be delivered complete application with all annexes… Do not waste your time, during August, in time of holidays will be tapered space for preparation application and relevant paperwork. Subsidy max 25 mil CZK.

During same time will be opened programs Potential, Innovations and Training centers. Applications onto those programmes will be also one-round task, e.g. applicant have to deliver all material in one stage. No more registration application, no more eligible costs after registration!! Eligible costs after (full) application only…

Program Potential provide obtaining 50% subsidy for infrastructure necessary for R&D activities of the firm (buildings, HW, SW, machinery, …)  Subsidy max 150 mil CZK.

Program Innovation provide obtaining 25, 35 or 45% subsidy for production technologies  (buildings, HW, SW, machinery, …) in the case, when enterprise have prepared new or innovative product for the start in production. Subsidy max 200 mil CZK.

Program Training centers provide obtaining 50% subsidy for creating or expanding of training center. Subsidy max 5 mil CZK.
Environmental subsidy, decreasing of energetic loses, effectivity in energetic balance of plants, etc…