BPA in cooperation with the company Onebeat and offers advanced technological solutions. This solution allows to manufacturing and distribution companies significantly increase profit in the period of growth and substantially reduce the loss in time of recession. Results are achieved by reducing the necessary working capital, increasing the availability of stock, increasing the reliability of delivery dates and accelerating response time to market demands.

On a general level: the base solution is executive algorithm, which is transmitted to the decision-making mechanism on the managed system. The system uses daily transaction data of the essential operation of the business locations (warehouses, stores, production, suppliers, …).

In more complex production and distribution systems (ie, the system contains more controlled items, warehouses, distribution points, shops, etc.) can be expected greater benefit. The algorithm identifies areas suitable for corrective intervention (increase or decrease inventory, purchasing, initiation of urgency, prioritizing transaction or contract). The algorithm compiles lists of daily recommendations, which are applied to executive management. Recommendations are transferred back to the ERP system in the form of production orders, purchase orders, transfer orders, etc. The whole process is gradually automating.

Basic objectives of the project:

  • Reduction of inaccessible items,
  • Increase stock turnover,
  • Reduce the amount of late or not at all unrequested items,
  • Identification of stockpiles,
  • The decrease in inventory while maintaining or improving the availability of goods,
  • Adaptive optimization of target stocks in time,
  • Rapid response to changes in demand on system-wide